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Uganda Tourism Board invited the tourism private sector for a debriefing meeting with the Malaysian Tour Operators who have been on a UTB-hosted fam trip around Uganda, with the intention of interesting them in selling destination Uganda.


The Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) was well represented.


In the meeting which was chaired by the UTB CEO Stephen Asiimwe, the Malaysian agents highlighted the need to work with trusted tour companies and it was agreed that AUTO shares a list of its members with the Malaysian tour operators and with the Malaysia High Commission.


It was also clear that there is still need to create more awareness in Malaysia, especially about Uganda’s varied attractions, security and the fact that Africa is not a single country; which seemed to be the prevailing mindset in Malaysia. It was agreed that the private sector works hand in hand with UTB and the embassy in Malaysia to maintain a positive image of Uganda.


The team highlighted some expos in Malaysia that would be of high interest for Uganda to promote itself. This intervention will be explored.


In the meeting, it was very evident that the team from Malaysia had a very beautiful stay and tour around Uganda, and they confirmed that this is a door that has been opened for them to add Uganda to their itineraries.


Part of the team included the Editor in Chief for Travelution, one of Malaysia’s biggest magazines who is expected to publish about their experience in Uganda.

Professionalizing tourism

We're AUTO Uganda’s leading tourism trade association, Representing the interests of the country’s leading and experienced professional tour operators.With a wealth of experience in Uganda's tourism industry since our inception in 1995, the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) still stands as Uganda's leading Tourism Trade Association and a flagship of the Country's leading and experienced professional, reputable and most respected Tour companies.

AUTO members offer a range of services that cater for the luxury, midrange and budget tourists.


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