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In October 2023, UK discouraged its nationals from visiting national parks in western Uganda after two foreign tourists and their local guide were killed by suspected terrorists in Queen Elizabeth National Park. President Museveni responded by beefing up security for all national parks.

The new security measures included increased aerial surveillance and enhanced deployment of armed Local Defence Units (LDUs).

However, the UK continues to advise against all but essential travel to some areas of Uganda such as Queen Elizabeth National Park; the area immediately south-west of Kasese town – from the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) at Kyabikere extending eastwards up to and including the A109 road and southwards to Queen Elizabeth National Park and Semuliki National Park.

Diplomats told ChimpReports on Saturday that UK authorities are still studying the situation at Queen Elizabeth and other parks with a view of lifting that advisory too. Official UK guidance shows that more than 15,000 British nationals have visited Uganda every year and the majority of these visits have been trouble-free.Uganda’s tourism sector recorded a 48.5 percent growth to reach $1.025 billion last year according to the 2024 Tourism and Trends Statistics report.

Kibale’s premier attraction is the Kanyanchu Primate Walk, offering the opportunity to seek out thirteen different primate species, with a variety of diurnal monkeys frequently observed.The most notable among Kibale’s primate population is the surge of about 1,500 chimpanzees, divided into at least a dozen different communities, with four habituated to human presence. The Kanyantale community has been tracked by tourists daily since 1993. Kibale is a biologically rich region that also hosts over 120 other mammal species, including baboons, elephants, and antelopes.

The forest is home to approximately 370 bird species, including 23 Albertine Rift endemics such as Nahan’s francolin, Cassin’s spinetail, blue-headed bee-eater, and lowland masked apalis.


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