Mandatory Covid-19 testing

Entebbe Airport

In order to have successful "arrivals" procedure at the airport, with the compulsory testing at the moment. Certain steps need to be adhered to:

  1. Client must register on the portal as a "tourist" on this link
  2. On Arrival clients will be identified by AUTO and UTB officials, and a tourist sticker will be placed on their passport from the parade grounds (where samples are collected from).
  3. For transit clients a different sticker will be placed on their samples indicating it is URGENT to enable the lab technicians to work on it with urgency. Please note that transit tourists connecting with Aerolink wait for their results from the tourism lounge. The results for transit tourists take 1hr or less.
  4. After sample collection, they proceed through immigration and luggage collection and then come to the tourist Lounge which is a few meters from immigration.
  5. Personnel from AUTO or UTB will verify them to make sure they have paid for PCR Test. If they have not paid, they will be able to pay from the lounge. There is a post bank desk at the lounge specifically for tourists only.
  6. The driver will be informed when the clients are ready to be taken.
    Please NOTE that all tourists' cars picking up clients should be branded cars.
  7. Driver transfer them to their hotel and the result are sent out on email or WhatsApp depending on what the client indicated on the online form.

    If you are not licensed by UTB or registered with AUTO, the above service will not be available to you and you will have to go through the normal channels.