Fort Murchison

Murchison Falls National Park


Set on the Eastern banks of the slow flowing Albert Nile, Fort Murchison revokes the idea of a well maintained isolated outpost from times where Arab traders frequented the African hinterlands and legendary explorers led expeditions in search of the source of the Nile. Built in the right spot and inspired by the historical background, Fort Murchison is unlike any other in Uganda. The massive tower, the earth colored walls, the touch of Swahili style... will impress you from your arrival up to your departure

Fort Murchison offers a variety of comfortable accommodations to suit budgets from the mid to lower market, be it in their beautiful rooms or their comfortable thatched tents a great value for money is guaranteed. Fort Murchison is situated in the former Aswa Lolim Game reserve, just outside the northern park boundaries of Murchison Falls National Park. It is set in a beautiful surrounding and looks out on the majestic Albert Nile.

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