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What comes to mind when you hear of a Safari to Africa? Now think of how miniature golf represents the sport of golf. That’s how Uganda represents Africa, she is Africa condensed, and perhaps why she is the well-deserved PearlOfAfrica.

Uganda is an ecological convergence zone offering a rich taste of variety that you can experience in Africa, from all the big five safari animals to the great apes, to at least half of Africa's total bird species count including some of earth's rarest and most sought-after birdies.

Uganda is also mother to the Nile River, and protector of Africa’s tallest mountain range in the Rwenzoris. She is the guardian of the largest lake on the continent, Lake Victoria; with the friendliest people whose culture is deeply fascinating and certainly worth discovering. This country has the finest weather, and a whole lot more. This is just a little bit about why we love Uganda and are happy to generously share her with tourists on safaris to Africa.

Plan to visit Uganda this year with a professional tour operator for a complete taste of Africa in one country.

Welcome to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.