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Sun Africa Expeditions
Sun Africa Expeditions is a full-service tour operator, based in Kampala
Uganda. Specializing in Responsible Safaris; Treks, holidays &
Adventurous travel to Uganda, Rwanda and across East Africa.
We are born in Africa; our lives have been dedicated to the region’s wildlife
and its conservation. Our tours are centered around experiencing, viewing,
enjoying and living in harmony with wildlife and communities – but with as
little impact on the wildlife and environment as possible. Our expert
knowledge enables us to offer our guests the best safari advice, bespoke
itineraries and personalized service.



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Faridah Ddamulira

Professionalizing tourism

We're AUTO Uganda’s leading tourism trade association, Representing the interests of the country’s leading and experienced professional tour operators.With a wealth of experience in Uganda's tourism industry since our inception in 1995, the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) still stands as Uganda's leading Tourism Trade Association and a flagship of the Country's leading and experienced professional, reputable and most respected Tour companies.

AUTO members offer a range of services that cater for the luxury, midrange and budget tourists.


+256 (0) 702 542 599