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Orchid Travel Vacations

Orchid Travel is a tour and travel company, we craft bespoke journeys and group
excursions throughout the East African tapestry, offering a spectrum of experiences
from the wildlife, cultural heritage, avian spectacles, summit adventures, to intimate
encounters with Gorillas and Chimpanzees.

Our voyages are far from off-the-rack; they’re meticulously woven to reflect your
preferences and desires. In essence, we tune into your vision and then, with
precision, tailor a safari that aligns with your financial plan while upholding the
highest standards of excellence. Our destination connoisseurs, seasoned by
extensive travels or life in these locales, will sculpt a journey that’s uniquely yours,
illuminating the wonders of East Africa in a fresh light and unveiling hidden gems
often overlooked.

Embark on an itinerary that’s been passionately curated to guide you through East
Africa’s premier attractions, including the majestic Bwindi and Volcanoes National
Parks for Mountain Gorilla trekking, the lush Kibale and Nyungwe National Parks for
Chimp Tracking, and the renowned safari havens like Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley,
Queen Elizabeth National Park, the vast Serengeti in Tanzania, and the iconic Masai
Mara in Kenya, among others.

To become the premium provider of unforgettable safari experiences in Africa.

To provide efficient, professionally organized safaris across the Great Lakes region.





Adong Joan Christine.

Professionalizing tourism

We're AUTO Uganda’s leading tourism trade association, Representing the interests of the country’s leading and experienced professional tour operators.With a wealth of experience in Uganda's tourism industry since our inception in 1995, the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) still stands as Uganda's leading Tourism Trade Association and a flagship of the Country's leading and experienced professional, reputable and most respected Tour companies.

AUTO members offer a range of services that cater for the luxury, midrange and budget tourists.


+256 (0) 702 542 599