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Gregg Tours is a Ugandan safari specialist and tour operator, offering a full service for

arranging and booking safaris, mountain climbing expeditions, Boat safari’s on Lake
Victoria and Bicycle and walking tours. We are proud to offer our clients the best African
Safari experience.
Gregg Tours roots lie in Uganda, where the business began. Inspiration came from the
owner – Dr Gregg Salzman, who have a true love for the country and a deep-seated
commitment, not only to preserve Uganda’s natural wonders and culture, but to share
them with the rest of the world.
Strengthened by valuable experience gained to date in its home market, Gregg Tours
has recently expanded into extensive Bicycle Tours in and around Entebbe. We are
also partnering with the best Internal Flight Company – Bar Aviation and exclusive
Lodges that are situated in Ruhija with the exclusive Gorilla families as well as easy
access to Gorilla Permits that Uganda has to offer, who share the same level of
expertise, enthusiasm, and drive.
As an experienced tour operator, we personalize our safaris, Boat Safaris and Bicycle
tours according to our customers’ tastes and needs.
Gregg Tours combines luxury, style, service, and authenticity to provide a unique,
exciting adventure and an unforgettable experience. Our itineraries showcase
properties that meet our high standards and expectations in terms of both quality and
All of our safaris, Boat Safaris and Bicycle Tours are conducted by talented,
responsible, and caring guides. In addition, safari travel is always in a comfortable 4×4
safari vehicles, often combined with internal flights to cut down on driving time.
While we endeavor to offer competitive prices, in the end, we will always favor ethics,
quality, and financial protection. We are ethically minded and, as such, we place the
utmost importance on ensuring that our staff, especially our guides are well paid and
looked after.
We also take pride in our stable of Bicycles and Fleet of Boats, which is new (less than
3 years old) and well maintained, breakdowns and other mechanical complications
while you are on your Bicycle adventure will be rare.
Importantly, Gregg Tours is one of the few tour companies in Uganda to offer Boat
Safaris, and Bicycle Tours intensively in Entebbe – Accordingly, we abide by the UTB
Code of Conduct, which governs areas such as accurate advertising, fair trade,
changes to bookings, and management of customer complaints. This means that our
clients can expect high standards from us.
Our Staff
Gregg Tours recruits its staff based on their experience in the tourism industry, in-depth
knowledge and the love for Uganda, careful attention to detail, and friendly approach.
Our dedicated and cohesive team of locals and internationals has strong foreign-
language capabilities and the experience to be sensitive to cultural differences. These
qualities enable us to meet the challenges of a changing industry.
Regular staff meetings, site inspections, product presentations, and workshops serve to
keep our staff’s product knowledge up to date. The payoff of our investing in our staff
can be seen in the pride they take in their work and the dedication they show. We
believe that by investing in our staff, we are investing in the quality of the service we
provide to our clients and the future growth of our company.
Our Product
As a tour operator, our aim is to select attractive holiday destinations and activities, and
combine them into an easy-to-follow creative and descriptive itinerary that fulfills the
stated desires and needs of our clients.
We negotiate the best deals with a broad spectrum of local suppliers, and research,
source, and inspect all relevant services and products to confirm appropriate quality
Gregg Tours has a wide selection of Safari packages, Boat Safaris on Lake Victoria and
Bicycle Tours to cater to our clients’ tastes and needs. We also offer Kosher Safaris.
We are also happy to create personalized, tailor-made itineraries so that our clients are
sure to get exactly what they want, whether it be for a special occasion, an off-the-
beaten-track adventure, or simply a well-needed break.
Your Adventure is our Responsibility.





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