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Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris Ltd. (owned by Fabulous Africa Holidays and Safaris LTD) was founded in 2008 by a young and professional entrepreneur, Ivan Wassaaka Kabenge. He set up a professional company with the intention to improve the quality of tour operations in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The company began with meager resources, but over time it has grown in leaps and bounds that have seen the company join the ranks of some of the leading tour companies in East Africa. During the recent Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris LTD has developed itself at a rapid and has grown into a promising travel company with a lot of potential. The company is continuously looking for opportunities to extend, but ensures that growth will not be at the expense of the quality.
The principle services offered by our company Tours and Safaris. Our tour and safari packages range from Uganda and Rwanda. We mainly capitalise on gorilla tracking and wildlife safari packages. Although we have listed several tour packages on our websites, we always customise the packages to the needs and budget of our clients. For wholesale agents, we only add a very small margin to ensure that even if they add a bigger margin themselves, they can still be able to make more sales.
We also offer service reservations i.e. gorilla permit bookings, hotel reservations, and other services as agreed up on with our clients. If you are booking other services with us, we shall not charge for gorilla permit reservations or airport transfers. So you get free airport transfers for any safari you book with us or gorilla permit booking. Car hire services, including 4-wheel drives eg. Land-cruisers, customized safari vans (9-seats) and super-custom (6 seats), 29-seats, mini buses, and a 35-seats’ bus. Private and group transfers Free all-time consultancy services about Uganda, Rwanda and Congo tours For gorilla permits, we always adjust our charges to the lowest in periods of low-season months – and we shall pass this discount on to you.
We provide a copy of the booked service provider receipt to you the moment payment is received for the service you are booking. Other services: We currently offer a comprehensive range of complementary services to support the safari customer. These services include: Personalized assistance on arrival and departure Accommodation in all category of hotels from budget to 4-5 star hotels Multilingual guide services Sight seeing in comfortable chauffeur-driver cars or coaches Tour – hotel – package booking Itinerary planning and tailor-made holidays Pre- and post-holiday briefings.
Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris employs a staff of seven competent office workers, guides and drivers. Self-evidently all employees possess high experience and education qualifications. Many different languages are spoken, like English, Dutch, Swahili and several other local languages, in order to manage clients for optimal satisfaction.
Being aware of the crucial role a guide plays in one’s holiday, the company makes high demands on these employees. Each of our guides has an extensive knowledge of the region in which the company operates. They are all adept in their knowledge of the flora and fauna of Uganda and through their experience they can choose the best spots in the country to visit for each particular need. They have experience ranging from regular touring to mountaineering, sport fishing and bird watching.
Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris has over 4 vehicles ranging from Land Cruisers to well built safari buses taking up to 15 persons in groups. We often also charter planes for our clients whenever the need arises. We aim for a standard of travel a step above that offered by the general travel industry.



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Ivan Wassaaka Kabenge

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